About Brian Waters

Several years ago, Brian took time off work with a bad back, and while he was walking his dog through the woods, he picked up a stick to help him walk. When he got home, he looked on the internet and found an interesting blog on wood spirit sticks and how to carve them. He thought he would give it a go himself and to his surprise, everyone liked what he created.

Hand-Crafted Creations

Having always used a stick from the young age of 15, while working on the Upton farm estate in Dorset, he never thought he’d be making traditional, hand-crafted shepherd’s crooks and carved horn sticks. After carving more, he decided to search for a local stick making club and joined the Hants and Dorset Stickmakers,  He found the club useful when he started, gaining valuable advice from the experienced members of the club. Now, as an experienced stick maker, he offers support and guidance to new club members. He is now a member of the British Stickmakers Guild and enters sticks into various national competitions.

A Passion for the Art

Brian loves making sticks, showing sticks, and selling sticks, but he finds it hard to let them go. Although, it does give him a great deal of pleasure when he sees the stick being used by a happy customer, and this website provides him with an opportunity to push on with his hobby.

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